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8:15 SESSION 1

Moderators: Mathieu Poirier, Yann Gouëffic

  • Stents fenestrated… then disconnected. Raphael Coscas
  • My nightmarish and most didactic case. Koen Deloose
  • Nightmare in Finistère… Surgeons at the top. Bahaa Nasr
  • How to use your ultrasound machine during an endo procedure. Sébastien Penillon
  • My most complicated connected stents. Stéphan Haulon
  • Critical Ischemia at 20 years: beware… Dominique Fabre

09:30 SESSION 2

Moderators: Caroline Caradu, Anna Louise Pouncey

  • he occluded stent and the wheelchair. Yann Gouëffic
  • Up and over approach to lower limb interventions: a word of caution. Lorenzo Patrone
  • My nightmarish and most didactic case. Eric Maupas
  • A story of endoleak that goes wrong… Antoine Millon
  • My nightmarish and most didactic case.. Jérôme Brunet
  • My nightmarish and most didactic case. Alexandros Mallios

10:45 BREAK

11:30 SESSION 3

Moderators: Xavier Berard, Koen Deloose

  • My nightmarish and most didactic case. Jean-Baptiste Bocquel
  • A disastrous dissection. Anna Louise Pouncey
  • Iliac and odyssey. Jean-Marc Pernes
  • Fenestrated endoprosthesis: dissection AND perforations. Michel Bartoli


From businessman to gentleman driver: the parallel, the passion!? Damien Kohler

13:30 LUNCH

14:45 SESSION 4

Moderators: Antoine Millon, Michel Bartoli

  • How to fix your flat tire with a small spoon? Benjamin Thevenin
  • Endoprosthesis of the sublocal abdominal aorta: a blessing in disguise… or the opposite? Fabrice Schneider
  • An aortic dissection: the story without end or almost… Emmanuel Choukroun
  • Interventional Holography: the new ergonomics of hybrid rooms. Claude Mialhe
  • Aortic dissection: the truth is elsewhere. Simon Rinckenbach
  • In every vascular surgeon hides an orthopedist. Lauranne Matray
  • My nightmarish and most didactic case. Nicolas Louis
  • When everything is about a guidewire . Antoine Aguettant
  • Always beware of BGs in vascular. Laurence Destrieux
  • Endoleak research or when the radiologist becomes a dowser. Benjamin Dubourg